Spontaneous voice chat for remote teams

Reduce meetings and improve team cohesion via spontaneous voice chat and asynchronous voice transcription

No more texting back and forth by showing live & recorded screens, visuals and multiplayer cursors
push-to-talk instantly without being disruptive w/ auto-transcribed voice notes
Stop scheduling hour long meetings & spontaneously connect in one click or keystroke
Stay focused and distraction-free w/ automated status updates and integrations w/ Slack, Google & more

Ways to supercharge your remote team 🙌

🎉 Spontaneous team collaboration
Minimize loneliness, have fewer meetings and enable deeper team cohesion—by seeing who is in which room and jumping in and out of conversations.
🚪 New employee onboarding & office hoursProvide ongoing support for new hires, tech..etc without managing multiple requests & schedules.
🔥 High energy project roomsMaintain high team motivation via quick walkie-talkie style group voice rooms w/ documented text notes, files and links.
⚡ Engineering & product design problem solvingWork through problems together quickly by sharing ideas, discoveries and feedback via live voice chats or voice message.
🔗 Login-free external meeting linksManage all your external meeting links in one place w/ login-free access. Like having customized guest rooms for your virtual office.
🎙 Asynchronous feedback via voiceCommunicate quicker w/ more empathy and nuance via transcribed voice notes (vs typing out the perfect message or scheduling yet another meeting😩 ).

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