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Fewer meetings. Faster remote teamwork via voice.

transcribed voice notes

Push-to-talk 6x+ faster than texting 💬
Talk instantly without being interruptive—via live silent captions that turn into asynchronous voice notes.

spontaneous voice rooms

Quick work sessions w/ less unproductive meetings⚡
Skip texting back & forth & unnecessary meetings. See where people are and spontaneously collaborate in one-click.

push-to-talk hotkeys

Stay focused on your work & keep the app hidden 🎯
Talk while staying focused on your work via lightweight push-to-talk global hotkeys

auto transcribed meeting notes

Never miss an important conversation ✅
Auto transcribed meeting notes make it effortless to go back, find, and share important highlights.

drop-in voice rooms

One-click screenshare👆
Screenshare should be as easy as pointing to your screen. Share in one-click or keystroke.

spotlight screen-share

One-click screenshare👆
Don't worry about sharing the wrong part of your screen. Point and show in one click.

💸 Free up to four teammates. Basic plan $6 per seat monthly.

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Work closer & faster together 🙌