Supercharge your remote teamwork 🚀

🎉 Spontaneous virtual office interactions
Bring back the informal, serendipity of working together. Remote work can be hard with feelings of isolation, zoom fatigue and lack of team cohesion. See which voice rooms your teammates are hanging out in and jump in and out of quick and casual conversations.
🚪 Employee onboarding & office hoursProvide ongoing support for new hires, tech, and more without managing multiple requests & schedules. Create a room with your name and let others know they can jump in when they see you there for ad-hoc support and help.
🎶 Hangout together in music roomsTurn on some music and listen together while hanging out together w/ your teammates. You can create music themed rooms like 'Jazz cafe' or 'Hip-hop lounge' to get your team's creative and casual vibes flowing 🏝 Music is streamed from Youtube and you can choose from over 50+ streams across different genres in any voice room. 👉 Learn More
🎙 Asynchronous status updates & feedback via voiceShare feedback, status updates and ideas quicker w/ more empathy and nuance via transcribed voice notes (instead of spending too long typing out the perfect message or scheduling yet another meeting 😩 ).
⚡ Engineering & product designWork through problems quickly via one-click screensharing—minimizing back and forth texting and video meeting fatigue. Multiple teammates can screenshare at the same time so switching between screens is easy.
🔗 Login-free external meeting roomsManage all your external meeting links in one place w/ login-free access. Jump in when you see your guest arrive or send them a welcome message before you join the guest room. Great for working w/ clients, external freelancers and others outside your core team.
🔥 Creative jam sessionsMaintain high team motivation and energy by staying together in a voice room for an extended period of time. Use global hotkeys to toggle your mic/sound while you focus on your work—for walkie-talkie style group conversations.
🏢 Hybrid in-office & remote teamPresence voice rooms have built-in echo cancellation so you can have your in-person team stay connected w/ their remote counterparts without any issues. Just have a few of your in-office team members hang around in a channel. Or you can keep a voice room in Presence w/ mic open placed in a specific office area (ie engineering team north wing).
🚁 Work from anywhere without the background noiseAI enabled background noise removal is default built-in so your team can truly work from anywhere without worry. Loud music, dogs, traffic sounds..etc are removed for crystal clear voice conversations from anywhere.
📻 Talk 1:1 without being interruptive (aka silent walkie-talkie)Push-to-talk live without worrying about interrupting your teammates. The receiver will see a default muted live transcription of what you are saying—with options to listen now or later. It's much more effective than texting and less demanding than having live conversation (20s demo).
👋 Wave at teammates for ad-hoc conversationsNo more fumbling w/ meeting links 🏈  You can '👋 wave over' any of your teammates to come to a room anytime in one-click. They get notified via a DM and can join instantly.

Work closer & faster together 🙌